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Pushing the Envelope - Director's Statement
by Dorian Ramirez

Pushing the Envelope started in the summer of 1996. I knew I had two actors in Tom Breeding and Jeff Britt. We proceeded to use improvisation to develop the story and characters. The film would be driven by interesting visuals.

I knew of several people who were involved in some kind of internet relationship. These relationships ranged from innocent email correspondence to the prospect of meeting a chat partner in person. When someone is in an online relationship it consumes a great deal of time. Things go neglected, time passes unnoticed, and reality slips away.

I realized how attractive a relationship could be in which judgements were not based on appearance. However, there are dangers in an online world where individuals tend to alter the truth about what they do for a living, what sorts of things they enjoy and especially how they appear physically.

A professional killer, someone who must often shut down all emotions, would find this kind of relationship appealing. It would provide a safe place to lower his emotional guard. This could cause him to neglect his responsibities and risk his own safety by becoming immersed in an online escape.

That hitman became Frank Dial and his relationship with Julia is the focus of Pushing the Envelope. The film examines an online relationship to ask whether they are a glimpse of the most evolved form of communication or a journey into detachment.

The experience of making Pushing the Envelope has been a tremendous period of growth for myself and all the talented individuals involved.

I hope you enjoy the dreamlike environment of Pushing the Envelope.

Dorian Ramirez - November 2000.


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