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Frank Dial, a solitary contract killer, wants nothing more than to make a connection with his internet chat partner Julia. His infatuation with her causes Frank to grow careless with his assignments.

Mysterious incidents contribute to his confusion. Intruders break into his house, ominous messages are relayed and clues emerge indicating that he is being watched.

One night Frank's neighbor, Dave, is discovered in Frank's apartment. Dave explains that he was concerned for Frank's belongings because it appeared that someone had broken in. An unsure friendship develops between the two men.


Dave has been out of touch with Ellen, the woman he still loves. He longs to hear from her and to relive the times when they were happiest together.

Frank inquires within his circle to get information about the danger that surrounds him. But no one can provide him with the answers he is looking for.

Frank's fears turn to dread when the threats loom closer. He will have to risk everything to choose between an illusion of love and the emptiness of his dark life.

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